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Singapore - Begging is illegal here, under the island-nation's Destitute Persons Act, carrying a fine of up to $3,000 or imprisonment for up to two years for repeat offenders.


But Singapore's poor still can be found, often selling packets of tissues outside food centres. Or spending the night on benches near their jobs to save the transport fare home - they are commonly called "sleepers". Or collecting empty soft drink cans out of trash bins.

Singapore trip

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Drug Rehab Program Valaible


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BSTW center of rehabilitation and social reintegration is located in the municipalities of Rosarito BC Mexico to develop our perfect treatment programs and rehabilitation of addictions. Here our users, develop peace and tranquility that this institution gives in a practical and professional manner. Our team is highly trained and experienced to meet our users needs for which we the have appropriate facilities and is equipped to carry out their work efficiently. The center of rehabilitation and social reintegration program provides a window to freedom. We give you a decent and reliable place with absolute discretion where you will find the support to overcome your pain, suffering and despair. This way you are headed to a life full of hope and comfort ..... FOR MORE INFO ...

(Lebanon) Beauty Saving The World - Success as we hit the a poverty area and Syrian women refugees on the road to give our Humanitarian Food Relief Bags with Bread, Spaghetti, Rice, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Ketchup, Sardines, and full Beans. (Lot's of issues with photos being taken because culture but got a few)

Thank you to all the Ambassadors that continue to give your donations to give hope to the poverty. Thank you Salim Saw Da, Najat for all your help to make this happen. Please be grateful for all you have, See Mission Albaum.


(Costa Rica) Beauty Saving The World .Thanks to everyone that has and continues to give donations to Beauty Saving The World to feed the poverty. All donations are for food.
Village area Precarious Sagrada Familia.

See Mission Albaum.


(Mexico)Thanks to all the Ambassadors for your donations at Beauty Saving The World helping to feed the poverty. Thank you Jesse Cuen, Kim and Noah for all your hard work today, See Mission Albaum.

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India Mission

September 17th to 24th 2016 BSTW has a another trip to India. Thank you for your donations to Beauty Saving The World for helping and food the poverty.

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Manila, Philippines. Successful mission for Beauty Saving The World delivering our Humanitarian Food Relief Bags. Thank you Elvie Aragoncillo for your volunteer work and to all The Ambassadors donations. FOR MORE INFO.

Manila, Philippines

November 24th to December  4th,  BSTW has a another trip to Cambodia. Thank you for your donations to Beauty Saving The World for helping and food the poverty.

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Join us as a Premier Global Humanitarian Ambassadors to help feed the poverty in Egypt. A Beauty Saving the World Global Ambassador will guide you to explore this amazing and fun week in Ciro Egypt, a Country linking Northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the Pharaohs. Millennia-old Monuments still sit along the Fertile Nile River Valley, including the Colossal Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza and the Hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs in Luxor. The capital, Cairo, is home to Ottoman landmarks such as Muhammad Ali Mosque. By being a Premier Ambassador of Beauty Saving the World you'll get an experience of a life time ... FOR MORE INFO.


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Save a Life Initiative

One bottle. One Child. One Life. 

BSTW is proud to partner with Sagan Life to bring clean, pure water to children in desperate need by providing individual filtered water bottles.  A small donation of $30 will deliver one bottle, to one child. More than 3,000 children die EVERY DAY globally, due to the consumption of contaminated drinking water. You can make a difference, NOW. Please click here to learn more and Save a Life.

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Cape Town South Africa Mission Beauty Saving The World

Cape Town South Africa Mission

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