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A Humanitarian Relief Ambassador believes in providing humanitarian relief and assistance to impoverished families, needy children, orphanages and millions more. Regardless of Race, Color, Creed, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Religion. All for the common goal of to end suffering and gain global peace.


We Operate at the moment with 0% OVERHEAD!

All time and services are donated.

   We don't maintain storage or offices.

 This way 100% of proceeds go to our mission.


Your small monthly donation of at least $5.00 USD a month qualifies you to become a Golden Level Humanitarian Relief Ambassador.
Your Golden Package will include:

    - Ambassador Certificate 

   - Your continous monthly donations will assist in
       Family and Individual Food Buys.


If You Agree Click "I Agree" Below and Become an Ambassador

After you click agree please submit your photo to

Become a Humanitarian Relief Ambassador

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