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BSTW center of rehabilitation and social reintegration is located in the municipalities of Rosarito BC Mexico to develop our perfect treatment programs and rehabilitation of addictions. Here our users, develop peace and tranquility that this institution gives in a practical and professional manner. Our team is highly trained and experienced to meet our users needs for which we the have appropriate facilities and is equipped to carry out their work efficiently. The center of rehabilitation and social reintegration program provides a window to freedom. We give you a decent and reliable place with absolute discretion where you will find the support to overcome your pain, suffering and despair. This way you are headed to a life full of hope and comfort.


Beauty Saving The World Drug Rehabilitation Project

Duration :   6 months  Recovery
Substance Addicts :  Crystal Meth, Crack, Alcoholics, Pills, Herion, Cocaine.
Donation:  $6,000.00 USD that is tax deducatable.

  Benefit of BSTW: Standard drug treatment facilities cost between $10,000 and $20,000 per month
Paid In Full only


You must provide your transportation to Tijuana Mexico border for BSTW Ambassador to pick up to take to the Drug Rehabilitation facility.

All Donation will cover all Boarding, 3 meals Daily , Laundry Facility, Counseling, Rehabilitation Meetings, Medical Physical on arrival.



  • 15 % of all donations are for administration costs.

  • 85% is all returned to our Humanitarian Food & Drug Rehabilitation projects.

Information / Male Physicality Only

About Us

Conversation with Beauty Saving The World 

Through conversation and consulting with the Beauty Saving The World Ambassador you will prepare the trip for the user.


Family Support & Therapy

The  family must accept the users treatment, you will be granted the family a card card where you can attend weekly meetings and to visit your loved one after the meetings. Both the family and the user are in treatment. 

Step 1:

A Medical Diagnosis will accessing the user performed by a medical examination and evaluation by a therapist in order to determine their physical and emotional situation to establish the treatment plan.







Step 2:

In the observation area this process is to stabilize the user. Allowing the user to rest under medical observation for a period that lasts between 10 and 25 days depending on the individual characteristics and the pattern of drug user.








Step 3:

Group therapy is based on our mutual aid program of the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, cognitive behavioral program, relapse prevention, personal change plan and classification of criminal conduct. ( Time is for 6 months)







Step 4:

The recovery process according to the treatment plan will be 6 months. You will join a team in our workshops. As part of the occupational therapy learning skills group  you are on your way to a life free of addiction.

Arrival Center / Rehabilitation program



Program Details: Procedure

Documents & Certificates

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