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Save a Life Initiative

One bottle. One Child. One Life. 

BSTW is proud to partner with Sagan Life to bring clean, pure water to children in desperate need by providing individual filtered water bottles.  A small donation of $30 will deliver one bottle, to one child. More than 3,000 children die EVERY DAY globally, due to the consumption of contaminated drinking water. You can make a difference, NOW. Please click here to learn more and Save a Life.

You've always wanted to make a difference...TODAY YOU CAN

By giving the gift of clean, life saving water 

Every $30 contribution will potentially save a life by providing ONE CHILD with a Sagan Journey Water Filter Bottle. Clean drinking water for a year!

Removes illness-causing bacteria, virus, and cysts from contaminated water for up to 250 gallons. Independently tested and certified, the Journey Bottle is a state of the art water purifier.

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